Weekly Program - Subject to Change.


8am to 10am Nikki Nicholls Women in Music

10am to 12 Easy Like A Sunday Morning with David Lees

12 to 3pm Billy Jay Show (Repeated)

3pm to 5pm Andy Hazell with Music from the Musicals & Film

5pm to 6pm THE CLASSICAL Music Hour presented by Steve Medlin / Mark Truman


8pm to 11pm THE PHOENIX ROCK SHOW presented by MIKE SNOOK (Repeated)



8am to 10.30 The Breakfast Show Steve Medlin

10.30 to 1pm Mid-Morning Show Dinah Greek / Johnny H (alternate)

1pm to 2pm The 21st century Music Show Andrew Hill

2pm to 4pm You’re Kinda Country Roz Griffiths

4pm to 6pm The Craig Sullivan Indi Show

6pm to 7pm The happy Hour with George Bond & Kai

7pm to 10pm The David Lee’s Monday Evening Radio Show



8am to 10.30am The Breakfast Show Steve Medlin

10.30 to 1pm Becky lacey - Sawyer Tuesday Morning Show

1pm to 2pm Spare / Mark Truman?

2pm to 4pm The Tracey Ann Radio Show

4pm to 7pm The Billy Jay Show

7pm to 10pm The Phoenix Rock Show


Wednesday to 9am The Breakfast Show Julian Mildren

9am to 10.30am Mine at Nine Julian Mildren

10.30 to 1pm Mid Morning Show Dinah Greek / Johnny H (alternate)

1pm to 2pm Drakes Island Disc Steve Medlin

2pm to 5pm The Andy Valentine Afternoon Surprise Sponsored by St Budeaux & Barne Barton Wellbeing Hub

5pm to 7pm Drive Time with Jade & Nick

7pm to 9pm The Hilary Dunlop Radio Show

9pm to 10pm Robbie Mardon Reporting from Greece


8am to 10.30 The Breakfast Show Steve Medlin

10.30 to 1pm Viva La Diva with Tracey Ann

1pm to 2pm Spare / Mark Truman

2pm to 4pm Australian two-hour show / New Sports Show

4pm to 7pm The Beyond Radio Show with Jools Mildren

7pm to 9pm Colin Davey & Amanda Mansfield with the Rainbow Show

9pm to 11pm The Anita Monk FCR Wrokdownunder Radio Show



8.00am to 10.30am The Breakfast Show with Steve Medlin

10.30am to 1pm Friday Morning Brunch with Mike Snook

1pm to 2pm The Charlotte Willis Show

2pm to 5pm Mimi’s Afternoon Radio Show.

5pm to 7pm New Music Showcase. Steve Medlin

7pm to 9pm Popping Candy with Phoenix & Nick

9pm to 11pm Rock & Roll Rewind with Andy Howard



8am to 10am Eammon Kane Songs from the Edge

10am to 12noon The Sandra R show on a Saturday

12 to 2pm Po Mitchell on a Saturday Fully Interactive Radio Show

2pm to 5pm Mike Tracey’s Bits & Pieces Radio Show

5pm to 6pm Deuce Music Radio Show

6pm to 8pm Winter Ellis with Are You Entertained Yet

8pm to 10pm FCR’s Wrokdownunder presented by Pete Rattlebone

10pm to 11pm FCR Presents the Quite-Great-Radio-Show presented by JJ Kane