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Ferndale Community Radio

Ferndale Community Radio, FCR for short, is an online based community radio station operating out of the Ferndale Community Hub. FCR is dedicated to providing information and entertainment to the local communities in and around Plymouth, while also being open to the  UK and other countries around the world. We are now on the air 24 hours a Day 7 days a week. Download the App from Google Play or Apple for easier listening.

Live Schedule

Monday 1pm-10pm

1pm to 4pm The Monday Afternoon Radio Show with Steve M

4pm to 6pm The Steve C Request Radio Show

6pm to 7pm The Warm Up Show With Charlotte Willis

7pm to 10pm The David Lees Radio Show

10pm to 1pm Following Day Recorded Shows

Tuesday 1-10pm

1pm to 3pm Steve's Golden Oldies Radio Show

3pm to 5pm Mike Porters Playlist with co-presenter Steve

5pm to 6pm Ferndale's Drive time non-stop Music

6pm to 7pm The Sandra R Show

7pm to 10pm The Tuesday Rock Show with Steve 

10pm to 1pm Following Day: Recorded Shows

Wednesday 1pm-10pm

1pm to 3pm The Mark Truman Show

3pm to 5pm Bernie's Ladies afternoon Show with co - presenter Steve + Chef

5pm to 6pm Ferndale's Drive Time Non-Stop Music

6pm to 7pm: The George Bond Happy Hour with Ryan 

7pm to 10pm: Tennessee Bob Country Music Show; 

10pm to 1pm Following Day: Recorded Shows

Thursday 1pm-10pm

1pm to 3pm  The Hillary Dunlop Show

3pm to 5pm Guest Presenters Radio Show

5pm to 6pm  The Red Rozanne Radio Show 

6pm to 7pm  The Warm Up Show

7pm to 10pm The Rick O Shay Earbook Show

10pm to 1pm Following Day: Recorded Shows

Friday 1pm-10pm

1pm to 3pm The Jack Gilliam Radio Show

3pm to 4pm Ryans Music Hour

4pm to 6pm Ferndale's drive Time Non- Stop Music

6pm to 9pm: The Johnny Mains Show

10pm to 1pm Following Day: Recorded Shows

Ferndale Community Radio contact details


Telephone ; 01752 312428 between 9am & 5pm

Mobile; 07548302444 

Facebook; Ferndale Community Radio

Email; ferndale.plymouth@gmail.com

Free Text in the UK 07451223412 for use during the shows