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Ferndale Community Radio

Ferndale Community Radio, FCR for short, is an online based community radio station operating out of the Ferndale Community Hub. FCR is dedicated to providing information and entertainment to the local communities in and around Plymouth, while also being open to entire UK and other countries.

Live Schedule

Monday 6pm-9pm

6pm-7pm: Josh's Radio Show. Various music contact: Josh via messenger search @ ferndaleCR or email Joshferndale@gmail.com. for any request or dedications 

7pm-8pm: Guess the Year; with Steve M, Two 30 minute golden years from 1952 up to 2005 playing number one tunes from the selected year. Can you guess the years  

8pm-9pm: Golden Hour; Steve M plays a selection of music from the golden years of Music he also selects a featured star where he plays 3 songs of theirs over the hour. You can contact him using Facebook page ferndaleCR  or email steve.fcradio@gmail.com for request & dedications

Tuesday 6pm-9pm

6pm-7pm: The Sandra R Warm Up Show; Sandra plays a selection of good music. Contact Sandra R via our Facebook messenger page ferndaleCR or you can email here using sandrarferndale@gmail.com

7pm-9pm: The Johnny Mains two hour show, with music & chat contact Johnny via our Facebook messenger page ferndaleCR or email johnny using johnnyferndale@gmail.com

Wednesday 6pm-9pm

6pm-7pm: George's Music Show; This is the show for the younger element with the station's youngest presenter. Contact George via our Facebook messenger page ferndaleCR our use his email address georgeferndale@gmail.com

7pm-9pm: Tennessee Bob Country Music Show; If you like Country Music this is for you, With the smooth soft spoken Southern American accent. Tennessee Bob Play's the best country music from the heart with stories about the music. He also promotes local Country Acts & new up & coming artists. contact Tennessee Bob using our Facebook messenger page ferndaleCR or email tennesseebobferndale@gmail.com

Thursday 6pm-9pm

6pm-7pm: Its Tracey G's Warm up Show; Tracey plays a selection of good music requests & dedications for all good music lovers. Contact Tracey using our Facebook page ferndaleCR or email traceyferndale@gmail

Tracey would be glad to hear from you.

7pm-9pm: The Rick O'Shay EARBOOK Show; This is the show that has everything. Earbook its like Facebook for the radio. There is music, chat, facts, quiz's, Oh & comedy (where he likes to stitch up his co-presenter / producer) (Steve M). You can contact  Rick via our Facebook messenger page ferndaleCR or email him direct using rickferndale@gmail.com. Rick would be very happy to hear from you. 

Friday 6pm-9pm

6pm-7pm: The Warm Up Show: A mixture of mostly pop music with Various presenters;

7pm to 9pm: Steve's Rock Show; two hours of the best Rock Music with a Featured Band / Artist of the week. Steve plays some songs from the band / artist & gives a short resume with contact details & future Gigs.Then there is THE CHALLENGE: This where Steve has to find a Band/Artist from somewhere in the world all you have to do is guess the name of the Band / artist & where they are from. To contact Steve's Rock Show use our Facebook page ferndaleCR or email steve.fcradio@gmail.com. he is always happy to hear from you.

Ferndale Community Radio contact details


Telephone ; 01752 312428 between 9am & 5pm

Mobile; 07548302444 

Facebook; Ferndale Community Radio

Email; ferndale.plymouth@gmail.com

Free Text in the UK 07451223412 for use during the shows