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Ferndale Community Radio, Plymouth UK.

Radio Show Sponsorship Price List.


Advertising on the radio to promote your business in Plymouth, The UK & around the World. It could not be easier, at a cost that won’t break the bank.  Once a business has shown an interest in one of our packages first contact will be via a phone call or a visit, then we will follow up with an email outlining the proposal with a 30-jingle demo, and if your business wants to go ahead with the proposal it will be confirmed in writing.

Below is the list of Packages.

The advertising package will include.

Package one - One 30 second Jingle with voice-over and background music £100.00 PM. consisting of two plays a day in a 24/7 40-day period. Minimum buy for one month.

Package two - One 30 second Jingle with music and voiceover. plus, two 5 sec business idents all with an overture soundtrack: £150.00 pm. Consists of two.

Two plays each over a 24/7 40-day period. Minimum buy for two months.

The Special Deluxe Package - Consists of one Jingle with music and voice-over.

Two business idents with overture soundtrack, consisting of four plays each a day over a 24/7 40-day period £250 per 40-day period. Minimum buy for three months.

Commercials and Idents can be made at Bluesola Studios, as can sales lead and follow ups.

The station will then distribute the Idents and commercials amongst the presenters for insertion into the shows.


Contact - Steve Medlin via email ferndale.plymouth@gmail.com

or mobile 07703 - 344566

Contact  -  Pete Tindale via email ferndale.plymouth@gmail.com

Reach over 100,000 listeners per month for a great price.

Ferndale Community Radio - The best way to get you new customers fast.