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Ferndale Community Radio, Plymouth (FCR) - doing our bit during the pandemic.


Ferndale Community Radio is the brainchild of former Royal Marine bandsman, Steve Medlin and his son Ryan.

Part of the Ferndale Community Tenants’ Group, FCR applied for and received a community grant of £5000 from Clarion Futures to pay for equipment and running costs, helping Ferndale Community Radio to spring to life, going live on July 2nd 2019.

Initially comprised of a small number of volunteer staff, FCR has had to expand to meet the needs of the community during the Covid pandemic; now, with a volunteer staff of twenty-five and multiple studios, on air twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Ferndale Community Radio provide local traffic, weather and news, great entertainment and friendly chatter, easing some of the loneliness felt by those in seclusion, locally and world-wide.

At the start of the Covid pandemic, FCR had just the one studio, in the community hub; at present, with the financial help of the presenters themselves and a £1000 National Lottery Community Fund grant to buy equipment and the relevant licenses, FCR now has nine ‘micro-studios’ set up in presenters’ homes, allowing FCR to be broadcast continuously.

A mix of live shows and replays, Ferndale Community Radio has steadily expanded during lockdown, with the recent addition, following the departure of Radio Plymouth, of a live breakfast show, starting at 7am, to provide the local community with traffic, weather and news updates.


The Ferndale Community Radio team have also done some fantastic work for charity, raising £2800 for Save The Children, helping to raise £800 for Livewire Saltash and working with Hugs From Henry, a children’s cancer charity, to provide sacks of toys for the children, adding a little magic to their Christmas.


Ferndale Community Radio has a great social-media presence, including profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and an exceptional website, managed by presenter Mark Truman, full of information about the station, the shows, the presenters and how to listen.

The website also includes a page for FCR sponsors to display links to their own pages, advertising their business and providing access to their services.

Sponsorship provides funds, enabling Ferndale Community Radio to continue to support the community, with thousands of people listening already and new listeners tuning in every day.

Sponsorship packages, such as the Stirling Road Wellbeing Hub, are available now and information can be found below.


Harriett Deans - Editor.


Ever thought of promoting your Business on The Radio?

Ferndale Community Radio, Plymouth UK.

Radio Show Sponsorship Price List.

What do you get? Well you get the name of your business on the name of the show, plus at an additional cost you can purchase a 10 second jingle that is played on the half hour of each hour of the duration of the show. All live shows are recorded & replayed in order from 10pm weekdays & 11pm weekends up until 1pm when the live shows begin again. The name of your business is also linked to the sponsored show on all our social media, advertising regarding the show.

Cost; £10.00 per hour per show per day = £10.00 per week for 1-hour show. (if the show is on additional days you can at an additional cost per show as we class it as a different show)

Example, One-hour Show per day = £10.00 per week

Two-Hour Show per day = £20.00 per week

Three-Hour Show per day = £30.00 per week.

No additional cost if the show is replayed.

There is an additional cost of £30.00 for a 10 second jingle; this is a one-off payment for the first jingle. Additional jingles will be charged at price to be discussed depending on time & number of words required.

Additional Jingles can be purchased at an agreed price but we will only use them in place of the existing jingles time slot.

We can keep the cost very low because we want to help local businesses in Plymouth and the surrounding areas, for more information please

Contact Steve Medlin via email


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